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Whoever Heard Of A Mini Crib?

Well certainly not me; at least not until I went on the Parenting Clan website and found one for $400. Now $400 may not seem affordable, but when you think about what you’re getting, you may reconsider. Not everyone has the space for a big crib and changing table. People living on a prayer may be forced to inhabit tiny little apartments with very little room. Baby’s crib may have to be in the main bedroom with mom and dad; the crib folds up when not in use and is completely portable (and usable up through two years old).

You Can Afford The Big Crib And Changing Table

The same website advertises the full size crib and attached changing table with two shelves beneath for an extremely affordable $199.99. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any nursery. It is safe, comfortable and fully utilitarian all at the same time. Just plain cribs are even cheaper.
If you’re not sure that a crib is safe, find out if it meets the standards set by two different laws; 16 CFR 1220 and 16 CFR 1219.

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