It Ain’t All Bout da Weed

It ain’t all bout da weed, sometimes it’s about the shit you broke while partaking in said weed.  A prime example of this is my wife (Highzilla) and her ability to absolutely destroy any and all electronics she comes in contact with.   The other night she managed to destroy her phone and her back-up phone simultaneously.

She’s a streamer and per her request I’ve researched to find the best phone for her uses.  As well as some other gadgets I’m sure she will destroy in no time.

No iPhone for Highzilla, we’re looking for high intensity processor, memory out the wazoo, and at a price that she won’t be destroyed when she eventually kill this one too.

Phone of choice is…… the Huawei Honor 6X at the affordable price of $189.50

For ease of streaming we’re also purchasing the following:

B-Land Cell Phone Holder with Selfie Ring Light for Live Stream, Flexible Mobile Phone Clip Holder – Reasonably prices at $21.99.

Honestly, anything that keeps Highzilla’s bumbling hands off and away from the phone is a godsend.

This set comes with a nice light ring to brighten up your broadcast or SnapChat pics, but there are others you can purchase separately.

SRL – Selfie ring of light $9.98

I also liked the following tripod option.

Selfie Stick, TOMPOL Bluetooth Monopod 3 in 1 Selfie Stick with Foldable Tripod Stand and Wireless Remote –  $21.99

There are 2 decent choices for uping your stream sound quality.

Pop Voice $12.99 & Miracle Sound $10.99 both comparable to one another, I’d snag whichever happens to be cheaper.

I’m betting with all these accessories, Highzilla will keep this phone alive for at least a year.  ok, ok….8 months.



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