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PostHeaderIcon Getting Your Car Seat In Safely

Most state safety regulations require all persons riding in a vehicle to be wearing seat belts.  This includes infants and children.  In fact, hospitals require parents to have a car seat for their newborn babies in order to take them home from the hospital.  In many hospitals a Car Seat Technician is available to make sure the infant car set is installed properly.  In order to make sure your car seat is installed properly it is a good idea to also read the manufacture’s instructions and recommendations.  Your vehicle manual should also furnish you with installation instructions for your car seat.  Because infant car seats come in various styles you should use the instructions that accompany your particular model.  Car seats designed for infants can usually be used from newborn to about 20lbs, and are rear facing.  Other models are for children from 20lbs. to 40 or 60 lbs. and are front facing models.

Car Seat Models and Features

There are many, many models and styles of car seats available to meet the consumer’s needs, expectations and taste.  Regardless of the choice you make, be sure that your car seat is installed properly to maximize  safety if you should have a collision.  If you do have an accident and your car seat is determined not to have been properly installed you would negate any claim against your motor insurance for damages to your vehicle or injury to passengers.  If you decide to install the car seat instead of seeking a technician’s assistance, be sure to follow the installation directions and to seek help if you deem it necessary.  Some of the standard requirements are that you adhere to the one-inch rule.  Basically this rule states that you should have no more than one inch of space, once the child is placed in the seat, between the strap, harness and entire seat.  Manufacturer instructions, Car Protection Safety Technicians, and other with the required expertise can assure that your seat is installed properly. These are some of the basic safety requirements, be sure to take all necessary precautions to avoid injury to your precious little one while riding in a vehicle.

PostHeaderIcon Is Your Car Safe Enough for Baby?

They make car seats for a reason.
The Old Debate About Car Seats
There are many car seats on the market these days for infants all the way up to children just short of the age/height/weight that is considered legal and appropriate for seat belts and shoulder harnesses. Many carmakers are installing infant seats into the back seat of some of the latest models. There is a problem however with these seats. Until they are one or two years old, babies should be in rear facing car seats. Yes many of the car seats on the market today have been approved for infants and are front facing. They are in fact, up to five times safer. But even past two years old, some parents still choose to keep their children in rear facing seats until they’re ready for adult seat belts and shoulder harnesses.
Safest Family Cars
Surely, most of you have heard of Forbes. Recently they posted a top 10 list for what they consider to be the safest cars in 2012. For your perusal, I offer you Forbes list of the 10 safest cars plus a few extras from other sources: Mazda T3; Chevrolet Volt; Chevrolet Sonic; Chevrolet Cruze; Buick Verano; Audi A3; Toyota Prius; Subaru Impreza; Lexus CT 200h; and the Hyundai Sonata. With as many as 10 air bags, give or take, these cars were definitely built with safety in mind.
So if you’ve got a little one on the way, or that has just arrived, you might be thinking “this might be a good time to sell my car”… You could be right.